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Transphobia is Retarded

I'm not much of an artist, so you'll have to imagine the cards below as panels of a comic.

  • 1. Two guys on the left side of a line and one guy on the right. Guy in the middle says to guy on left, "Transphobia is retarded. Sure, transgender stuff is a bit strange, but it's not so strange that you have to hate people for it."
  • 2. Guy on the left says "Um, you need to check your micro aggressive attitude towards mentally handicapped people. This kind of language is doing real harm in the world."
  • 3. The person on the left is walking away in disgust. The middle person crosses the line.
  • 4. The guy on the right has an AK-47 and says, "I can't stand these f*gs." And the middle guy says, "Yeah, me neither."

This kind of dialogue is doing real harm in the world.