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Light Mode Doesn't Have To Be Terrible

We all know the feeling. You're browsing a site or using an app. It's black text on a perfectly white background. You don't notice until you click the dark mode toggle how painful it was. You can't imagine a circumstance where you would ever need the most blinding, bright #FFFFFF light in the galaxy shining directly in your face ever again, and from that day forward, in every app you use, the first thing you do is look for the dark mode. We all do it.

It raises the question, why do we even have a light mode option if the dark mode is objectively better? Is it so we can sell the dark mode as a premium feature? I'd say that adds up if more people were using that model.

What if I told you that dark mode isn't necessarily better?

The reason light mode is terrible is because UI frameworks that developers use to implement consistent design are doing it wrong.