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Link of the Post

Today we're looking at a special something -- not just any something, but -- the something.

clickity clickty clickity clack clack click

The most fun websites on the small web for me are homes for misfit programming projects: code that was written not because anyone needed it, but because it was interesting to make as a programmer and mildly amusing for a visitor.

I've always been bad about linking to external sites on my web pages. Maybe the biggest thing is that I only have so much real estate for my own content. If I'm being honest it's just pure self absorption. I'm thinking about whatever I'm doing at the moment and not about what other people are doing (at least not at the point when I update my site).

A lot of people have a dedicated section of links, and when I see links to my own sites in those lists, I feel somewhat guilty that I never take the time to give the courtesy back. A few times I aimed to give it a shot but found myself with ambivalence and indecision about what to include and exclude. So it just never happens.

Today I'm introducing Link of the Post, a column where I will take some time to look around the web -- as content!

click click click click click click

I will try to always give you the opportunity to just click on the link without too much context for the reader who doesn't want it. But of course I will have more to say about it.