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I've always been bad about linking to external sites on my web pages. Maybe the biggest thing is that I only have so much real estate for my own content. If I'm being honest it's just pure self absorption. I'm thinking about whatever I'm doing at the moment and not about what other people are doing (at least not at the point when I update my site).

A lot of people have a dedicated section of links, and when I see links to my own sites in those lists, I feel somewhat guilty that I never take the time to give the courtesy back. A few times I aimed to give it a shot but found myself with ambivalence and indecision about what to include and exclude. So it just never happens.

Today I'm introducing Link of the Post, a column where I will take some time to look around the web -- as content!

click click click click click click

I will try to always give you the opportunity to just click on the link without too much context for the reader who doesn't want it. But of course I will have more to say about it.

Digital Artist Residency

And old fashioned Geocities-like design where graphical doors are links to other rooms on the site.

This comes directly from their about/apply page:

Welcome to my Homepage is an international online residency program hosted by The Museum of Human Achievement in Austin, TX that offers artists a low-stakes opportunity to experiment and expand their practice, explore the web as a site for creative production, and reach new audiences. For visitors, the Homepage is a non-traditional art venue that encourages appreciation and conversation both online and IRL. Welcome to my Homepage was founded in 2014 and has since hosted over 90 artists from across the world wide web.


You can see that there are door ways leading to external links. Each is a project that some artist decided to create for the purpose of submitting to this exhibit. The most recent projects are the doorways on the front page, but you can dive deeper back into the Retrospective and see that they've been doing this since 2014. I'm not entirely sure why they chose to archive this inside of WebGL Unity app as embedded pages, but they did, and you can mess around in there.


click click click click... click

Of course the thing that brought me to this site is the current resident's page.

It's a unique idea. The page is designed with the developer console being open in mind, as most of the text content is expressed in log messages. As you advance the content forward by pressing hotkeys, animations of UTF-8 characters accompany more of the story.

It's interesting not only that this piece can be seen as some motivation for an introductory look at the console, something which I always approve of, but also that by doing so there is a separation of content. The narrative occurs in the console. The animation occurs in the browser itself. You could mostly consume one independently of the other if you wanted to. As it's a fairly short story, I thought it was interesting to go back and do that after following it through the first time.

Another interesting bit: You don't have to press the keys in the proper order or even wait to be prompted. You can trigger any of keys at any time for a cacophony of effects that you can reset with a refresh.

Welp. Hope you liked the Link of the Post. It was Two-fer this time.